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Every mechanic can be a turbo specialist!

With the unique TurboPartner programme from Turbo’s Hoet you, too, can become a specialist in replacing turbochargers.

As a TurboPartner, you benefit from our highly experienced technical support. And you can rely on this professional support before, during and after installing a turbocharger from Turbo’s Hoet. Another great advantage for TurboPartners is our unique no-fuss warranty, with which you can offer your customers absolute certainty and quality.


Register your turbocharger quickly and easily to take advantage of our ‘no-fuss guarantee’ warranty.


Want to become a TurboPartner?

Would you like to become a TurboPartner? That’s a wise decision! With the TurboPartner programme from Turbo’s Hoet, you will become a true turbo specialist in no time. Three easy steps to become a TurboPartner:

  1. Take our TurboTraining online or at your local wholesaler.
  2. Pass the online TurboTest.
  3. Register your Turbo’s Hoet turbo before installing it.

From that point on you will be enrolled in our no-fuss warranty programme Geen Gezeur Garantie: In the first 12 months you can always receive a free replacement turbocharger should anything unexpectedly go wrong with the one supplied by us. What’s more, you automatically receive the latest information for that particular item number with every purchase, which is essential for proper installation. And you can contact any of our turbo specialists directly with any technical questions you might have, saving you unnecessary diagnosis time.

Take the turbotest!

Be sure to answer the questions carefully and completely. The TurboTest may take a moment of your time, but then you can enjoy all the benefits of being a TurboPartner!

Start the TurboTest by entering the access code you were given by one of our Turbo’s Hoet staff. Then click on ‘Start the TurboTest’. Please note: The access code can only be used once, which means that you cannot interrupt the registration and TurboTest process.


Watch the video first.

Lost your access code? Send us an e-mail. If you have not previously received an access code, then you will be given one after meeting with a member of our staff or completing the TurboTraining. Go to the TurboTest


Drie gouden regels om turboproblemen te voorkomen

Turbo’s zijn bestand tegen extreme bedrijfsomstandigheden en gaan normaal gesproken net zo lang mee als de motor. Maar onder bepaalde omstandigheden zijn het toch best gevoelige jongens. Hou rekening met de volgende drie gouden regels en dan is de kans op storing nihil.

Over tien jaar twee keer zoveel turbo’s

De toekomst voorspellen, dat kunnen we niet. Maar we houden voor u wél de ontwikkelingen op het gebied van autotechniek in de gaten. Op het gebied van turbo’s verwachten we de komende tien jaar een grote verandering. We praten u graag even bij en vertellen direct hoe u hierop kunt inspelen.

Nieuw: ophaalservice turbohalen.nl

We hebben het opsturen van een defecte turbo zo makkelijk mogelijk gemaakt. Het enige dat u moet doen is de turbo inpakken en ervoor zorgen dat we weten waar we de defecte turbo kunnen ophalen. Dat doet u op turbohalen.nl.
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